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Take the Jakarta MRT, Visitors Crowded Lunch at Blok M Plaza

JAKARTA, detikfinance, 02-04-2019

It is 12.00pm West Indonesia Time and visitors can be seen entering Blok M Plaza Mall through the entrance that is connected to the Jakarta integrated public transportation station (MRT). It's lunch time.

Visitors to Blok M Plaza are indeed getting more crowded during day time. More so now that the first floor of the shopping center is directly connected to the MRT station.

Visitors, mostly employees, come to Blok M Plaza for lunch, and of course for experiencing MRT. Like what Indra and his friends did.

"Yes, now that there is MRT, it's easier to get here during our lunch break" said Indra, a private employee, to detikFinance on Tuesday (2/4/2019)

Besides the employees, families are also seen trying out the new MRT and getting off at Blok M Plaza for lunch. Occasionally they also posed and took pictures at the entrance MRT station inside the mall; Just like Indri.

"I am traveling with friend, and also my kid. We tried the MRT and grabbed lunch here," said Indri.

The increasing number of visitors to the mall at lunch time is also acknowledged by the management,  PT Pakuwon Jati Tbk. President Director of Pakuwon Jati Stefanus Ridwan said the lunch hour was the most crowded time. Especially with the presence of the Jakarta MRT.

"So, with the presence of the MRT, it is easier to access the mall. Getting lunch here is comfortable. Not wasting time and reducing the chance of late (going back to the office)," he said.

At present, said Ridwan, Blok M Plaza is under renovation. However, that does not necessarily make the mall deserted. Because of the MRT, he said, the number of visitors actually increased.

(MRT) is very influential to Blok M Plaza. It is true that Blok M is also renovating. It's just not all yet. But the impact can already be seen, it is so significant. Restaurants are full during lunch time, it is not as easy (to get tables for lunch)," he said.

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