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Corporate Secretary

To support the performance as a public company, a professional Corporate Secretary with the ability and extensive knowledge of the capital markets is requires, since the Corporate Secretary also serves as Compliance Officer and Public Relations Officer.

The Corporate Secretary is responsible for ensuring that the company has carrying out management in accordance with the Article of Association, existing laws and regulations, particularly capital market regulations.

As a public company, the Company puts Corporate Secretary as one of the spearheads in maintaining the relationship between the Company and public investors, regulators, Shareholders and other stakeholders.

Currently, the position of Corporate Secretary is held by Drs. Minarto Basuki, who also serves as Director of the Company. The appointment of Drs. Minarto Basuki as Corporate Secretary is taken at the General Shareholders Meeting on June 25, 2019.

To follow the development of capital market regulations,  the Corporate Secretary always present in any discussion forums and socialization event held by the OJK and the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

Throughout 2019, the Corporate Secretary has conducted disclosure on significant events in the Company in the form of an announcement in the newspaper, among others:


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